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– “Optical absorption spectroscopy and properties of single walled carbon nanotubes at high temperature” published in “Synthetic Metals” on November 2014

Written by Aljoscha RochLukas StepienTeja RochInes DaniChristoph LeyensOliver Jost, and Andreas Leson.

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– “Investigation of the Thermoelectric Power Factor of KOH-Treated PEDOT: PSS Dispersions for Printing Applications” published in “Energy Harvesting and Systems” on July 2015

Written by Lukas StepienAljoscha RochSarah SchlaierInes DaniAnton KiriyFrank SimonMarian V. Lukowicz, and Christoph Leyens.

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– “High performance p-type segmented leg of misfit-layered cobaltite and half” published in “Energy Conversion and Managementon July 2015

Written by Le Thanh HungaNgo Van NongaG. Jeffrey SnyderbMan Hoang VietcBenjamin BalkedLi Hana, Eugen StamateaSøren Linderotha, and Nini Prydsa.

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– “Using thermoelectric energy harvesting to power a self-sustaining temperature sensor in body area networks” published in “Energy Harvesting and Systems” on July 2015

Written by Kappel, R., M. Auer, W. Pribyl, G. Hofer, and G. Holweg.

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– “Enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit in polycrystalline carbon nanostructures” published in “Physical Review” on July 2015

Written by Thomas LehmannDmitry A. Ryndyk, and Gianaurelio Cuniberti.

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